Quotes & Reviews

”While Lekverk’s music seemed to be almost pieced together as an afterthought, it became clear, as the 90-minute set progressed, that there was far more consideration at play. Groove mixed with individual and collective free play to create a curious musical mix where structure veered onto a collision course with freedom steeped in multiple, self-evident traditions, even when brought together in such unusual combinations as to seem, on the surface, incongruous. Johander, Forkelid and Fält worked to create both unified and disparate sounds that made Lekverk’s performance another high point of the festival.” JOHN KELMAN, Allaboutjazz

”Clever melodies, bold harmonies, a hell of a groove and tight all the way to last downbeat. On top of that great dynamics and awesome improvisations, regardless of wheather the sound is guided by the piano, bass or drums. This concert was worth a standing ovation.” LEIF DOMNÉRUS, Orkesterjournalen

”A band you just have to see live” JOHANNES CORNELL, Dagens Nyheter